“All you need is SEO”

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices allow to better rank your website! It means making it more visible, so that it appears at the top of the search engines, like Google! For this, from the URL of the site to the HTML code, to the size of the images: all matters!

SEO is among the cheapest online marketing practices – and is also among the most effective ones. Especially for long-term results. Optimizing your website and content is the best way to beat the competition and get more traffic. I can help you with it!

“Tell me a story!”

In the world of digital marketing, form and content are always linked. To promote an online business, you must have an appropriate content strategy for your product or services. It’s the best way to stand out online.

Any tip? Let’s start by getting to know your audience and your product/service well, then create an appropriate content strategy, also betting on different types of content!

“Like! Like! Like!”

You can reach so many good results with social media! Like online promotion, customer loyalty, attracting new users, sales, etc.

Good social media management implies commitment and dedication. If you are looking for guidance, I can help you choosing the social networks that best suit your business, as well as creating and running an online calendar of publications tailor-made for your product and, of course, analyzing results and best online practices.

“All about! marketing!!”

This is ideal for small businesses or people with smaller budgets! I can teach you! In these sessions we will not focus on boring theory or the history of marketing and social media… The focus will be YOUR business! You will learn the best marketing techniques to get more visits and sales! Learning material included!

“Yo speak Português, cara!”

I am Portuguese and my native language is European Portuguese/Portuguese from Portugal. But for more than 2 years I worked for the Brazilian public and I “learned it”… and I love it! If you need help with either Brazilian Portuguese or European Portuguese, you can count on me!

On top of that, I am also fluent in English and Spanish. If you need help with translations, I’m the person you are looking for!

(Português) “Mais do que sites, criamos identidades!”

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Portuguese.